Plus Size Costumes - (2024)

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1920's Costumes
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Do you tap to the rhythm of jazz and love a good bob cut or a sharp zoot suit? If you dance the Charleston and dream of running a speakeasy out of your garage, then you'll love our plus size 1920's c...

Female Flapper Costume Kit
1920's Man Costume Kit
Flirty Flapper Costume Wig - Black
Glamour Flapper Plus Size Costume

1950's Costumes
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This Halloween, time travel back to the days of poodle skirts, pompadours and the rise of rock and roll with our 1950's costumes for plus size adults! We've got a great collection of costumes and acc...

Felt Derby Hat
50s Beehive Baby Costume Kit
Greaser Jacket Plus Size Costume
Grease Summer Nights Sandy Plus Size Costume

1960's Costumes
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When you wear these fun costumes, you can jump in a time machine and head back in time to the swinging sixties! These costumes are specially made for plus size bodies. You can become a hippie and spr...

Peace and Love Hippie Plus Size Costume
The Beat Goes On Plus Size Costume
Hippie Dude Plus Size Costume

1970's Costumes
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Get ready to boogie down and shake your booty all night long because we've got the perfect selection of plus size 1970's costumes to fit every body type. Choose from shiny dresses to sassy pantsuits ...

Disco Diva Babe Plus Size Costume
Disco King Plus Size Costume
Plus Size DiscoLicious costume

1980's Costumes
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Didn’t you hear? The 80’s are back! Head back to the 1980’s for a blast from the past! These costumes are perfect for decades parties, Halloween, and more! These plus size costumes will put you...

80s Male Track Suit Plus Size Costume
Purple Pain Plus Size Costume
Beetle Bride Plus Size Costume
80s Female Track Suit Plus Size Costume

Animal Costumes
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Become one with nature in these fun-loving animal costumes for plus size adults. These furry looks will help you instantly transform into your favorite wild creature! Whether you're getting into the ...

T-Rex Adult Mask
Faun Fantasy Headpiece (Red)
Lightweight Penguin Plus Size Costume
Gold Horn Flower Headpiece

Career Costumes
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What was the one thing you wanted to grow up to be when you were a child? Was it a doctor, a nurse, maybe a pilot? Were you dreaming of locking up bad guys or putting out a fire? Or maybe you wanted ...

Referee Fitted Shirt Plus Size Costume
Sheriff Shirt Plus Size Costume
Cardiac Arrest Adult Costume
Candy Striper Nurse Plus Size Costume

Clown Costumes
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If you’re looking to dress up and clown around for your next costume event, you’ve come to the right place! If you’re looking for a traditional funny clown, add a colorful wig and a big red nos...

Spiral Clown Wig (Blue/Pink)
Funhouse Clown Wig (Blue/Green)
Clowning Adult Mask
Killer Clown Plus Size Costume

Fairy Tale Costumes
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Fairy tales keep us young at heart and everyone is royalty in his or her own right. This Halloween, you can be a princess or a knight from your favorite storybook in one of our plus size fairy tale c...

The Wizard of Oz Dorothy Plus Size Costume
Ain't Afraid a No Wolf Plus Size Costume
Dark Red Riding Hood Plus Size Costume
Glitter Crown (Holographic)

Food and Beverage Costumes
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Everyone enjoys a tasty treat, so why not become a tasty treat? Our plus size food and beverage costumes go great with any costume party! Serve up some laughs with one of our humorous banana costumes...

Deluxe Banana Plus Size Costume
Beer Stein Purse

Greek Costumes
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Zeus' beard! It's time for a toga party and we've got you covered with our plus size Greek costumes. You can rule as mythology's most powerful gods as if you were on Mount Olympus. Best of all, you c...

Royal Goblet
King of the Sea Wig and Beard
Cavalry Crusader Mask (Copper)
Deluxe Artemisia Adult Wig

Historical Costumes
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Travel through the ages with our wonderful collection of historical costumes for plus size adults. Whether you're visiting the medieval times or colonial America, we're sure to have something that wi...

Nobleman Wig (White)
Plague Doctor Steampunk Adult Mask
Juliet Plus Size Costume
Glamour Flapper Plus Size Costume

Pirate Costumes
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What do you do with a rogue pirate? Make him walk the plank, of course! Gather all your pirate friends for a swashbuckling good time this Halloween. We've got a great selection of pirate costumes for...

High Seas Heroine Plus Size Costume
Unisex Pirate Scarf Hat
Caribbean Pirate Sword
Sexy Swashbuckler Adult Costume

Religious Costumes
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Holy moly, have we got some great plus size religious costumes for you! Get closer to the god of your choice as a nun, priest, monk, or rabbi. You can be as pure as the Virgin Mary or as evil as Sata...

Holy Pope Plus Size Costume
Naughty Nun Plus Size Costume
Monk Plus Size Costume
White Pope Plus Size Costume

Renaissance Costumes
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Hear ye, Hear ye! No need to search yonder hills or valleys, as we have the best plus size renaissance costumes for every king, queen, knight or peasant right here. These outfits are perfect for any ...

Renaissance Lady Plus Size Costume
Juliet Plus Size Costume
XL Maiden Adult Wig (Blonde)
Faux Leather Armor and Belt

Scary Costumes
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Conjure some mayhem this Halloween in one of our scary plus size costumes. We've got a great selection of horrific costumes that will have your skin crawling! Terrorize your town as your favorite ser...

Classic Vampire Plus Size Costume
Fallen Angel Adult Costume
Plus Size Evil Jester Costume
Michael Myers Memory-Flex Mask and Knife

Superhero Costumes
View All 7

We know that superheroes come in all sizes and shapes, so we always make sure we've got the perfect outfits to fit any superhero! These plus size superhero costumes are just what you need to feel pow...

Deluxe Batman Plus Size Costume
Superman Deluxe Muscle Chest Plus Size Costume
JL Deluxe Woman Woman Plus Size Costume
Batman Deluxe Muscle Chest Batman Plus Size Costume

Vampire Costumes
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There's no need to keep your fangs all to yourself this Halloween. We've got the perfect outfit for any plus size vampire, whether you're male or female. Not all vamps are pale and slim! Show off you...

Vampire Character Teeth Accessory
Vampire Blood
Vampire Fangs and Make-Up Kit
Vampire Cane Accessory

Witch Costumes
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Double, double, toil and trouble! Make way for our plus size witch costumes! You'll have a cackling good time in any of these magical styles. Whether you're going for frightful or foxy, we have a sty...

Gothic Witch Plus Size Costume
Million Dollar Witch Plus Size Costume
Deluxe Satin Witch Hat Accessory
Crimson Robe Plus Size Costume
Plus Size Costumes - (2024)
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