Arkansas's top news stories | June 18, 2023 (2023)


Ashley Godwin delivers Arkansas's top news stories for June 18, 2023, including the latest on a shooting near Chicago where more than 20 people were shot at.


Thank you for joining us tonight at 5:30., I'm, Ashley, Godwin.


We come on air tonight, thousands of our Kansans without power after the overnight storm.

Most of those outages coming in areas like the River Valley and Pope County and in the southern part of the state like Severe and Ashley.


Crews have been working to restore power all day immediately after the storms.

There was well over 90,000 customers without power across e state and now meteorologist.

Krause Ortiz joins us and it looks like we're not just finished.

Just quite yet.

No, that's right.

We still havet chance for some strong to severe storms for some of the state, not nearls widespread, as what we saw last night.

Here's, a breakdown with all the reports that we saw from the storms that roll through lots of severe thunderstorm damage.

We had pretty strong winds and excess of 60 up to maybe even 80 mph wh those storms moving on through.

We even did see a report of a confirmed, tornado, over., In, Logan County last night.

According to the National Weather Service near the community of Scranton there, Speaking of tornado warnings, there's.

Actually one that was outside of northeast Arkansas, north of Jonesboro for parts of Lawrence Randolph counties entering Greene, County, there.

And, that's just the beginning.


We can expect that we could concede to see some isolated sts form across eastern portions ofe state tracking towards the Sout, southeastern portions have a better chance of seeing.

Maybe, some large hail and some brief spin ups as well.


Of course, we're going to keep you updated on that risk.

Fortunately, it's low for us here in Central, Arkansas.

We are expected that threat to mainly to ourself.

But I'll have more details on what we can expect for the sevee weather for tonight.

Coming up and here's a look at some of the severe storms from last night.

This video is from Dover, where, u can see the tornado start to fo., Wind, rain and lightning batterd other parts of the South, too.

Oklahoma has over 250,000 custos without power.

Tonight after the storms hit there before making its wayo, Arkansas and weather permitting.

Traffic work continues this week with some closures in Little Rock and North Little Rock.

During, the day, you'll, see closures on Riverfront, Drive, Cypress, Street and Broadway.

There will also be single and double lane closures on I-30 between Roosevelt and I-40.


Carefully, when traveling through work zones and keep an eye out for detour signs., Minding, My, black-owned Business is an organization aimed at supporting black-owned business.


The nonprofit held their second annual business Expo with over 70 vendors.

Tonight, THV Elevens Jalissa Gaa gives us a closer look.

This Exo, hosted by Minding, my black-ownd business, started as a fundraisr and quickly turned into more.


We saw, you know.

There was a need.

We, have a lot here.

It's in Little, Rock.

There's a lot to offer, but thee really isn't a platform.

The organization says they wanted to create a platform for black-owned businesses created for the people to connet the businesses to the community.

Businesses are able to network and get resources aimed at helping them grow.


Let them all know about Kiva lending here in the city where they cant 0% interest on loans that will really help their business thrive and .

We have tax professionals and we wanted to connect them to these busines.

So that way they can't understa.

Yes, we're giving you a platfor.

But how can we also help you get better resources? Because oftentimes, black and brn communities are often overlooked.

Keeler Bryson, the owner of Kiki Michelle Boutique, is one of the 70 vendors at Sunday's, Expo.


She says events like this help, her business in many different ways.

The resources here have been awesome.

The different loans and program.

This is rich, rich and resources, rich and encouragement, motivation and inspiration, seeig all the different other business owners here, today.

Meanwhile, the organization hops, to continue providing a platford supporting these local business.

It's about the people in the community.

We're rebuilding Black, Wall Street, one business.

At a time in North, Little, Rock, Julissa, Garza, THV, 11, News, Now., Every 3rd Friday.

They have a shopping.


We'll have tht information on our website at

Little Rock police continue to investigate a homice.

That happened behind the Littlek Ronald McDonald House early Fri.

Officers responded to an area near the facility.


They got there, they found a man shot several t.

He later died.

The Ronald McDonald House shared a statement saying the victim ws staying there and they will cone to support the family.

However, they can.

The victim's name or possible suspects have not been released.

An alert from the US Marshals Office.

They are still looking for two wanted Arkansas men.

This is the first man they are searching for on your screen.

At 22 year old Darius Alford.

Alford is charged with capital murder in Little Rock in referee, to a shooting back on May 6th.

On W Roosevelt Rd.

He's accused of killing Marvel Harris.

And Marshalls are also still looking for a Conway man, 29 year old Brendan Brewer.

Brewer was previously released n state bonds, but has since been indicted on the federal level.

He's wanted for felony possessin of a firearm.

He's about 5 foot, 9 and 130 pou.

Marshall say to not approach either of the two men.

They're, both considered armed and dangerous.


You see them, call 911.

And, Arkansas, State Police are investigating an inmate's death at Cummins, Prison Unit.

The 52 year old, who they have not named.

Yet, died after a fight with another inmate.

We are told there was severe head trauma.

So far investigators haven't found any weapons.

We are still waiting on more details and we'll keep you updated as we get them.


Multiple shootings are being reported this holiday weekend across the country, including near Chicago, where poe say more than 20 people were sht a celebration and one was kille.

At least, one was also killed, ina shooting in Saint Louis as well.

Christian Benavides reports, A celebration at a shopping mall parking lot near Chicago turned violent over the weekend that the Page County Sheriff's Office, says what was mostly a peaceful Juneteenth celebratin in the town of Willowbrook ended with an unknown number of suspes firing, multiple shots into the crowd.

Around two dozen people were hi., Victims were taken.

To, multiple hospitals in DuPage, Cook and Will counties, the ages and conditions of victs are not available at this time.

The motive behind this incident is unclear.


This is still an active investigation.

That was just one of multiple incidents of gun violence across the nation.

This Father's Day.

Families across the St.

Louis region, woke to the news of yet another mass shooting.

In St.

Louis, 10 people were sh, all teenagers, ranging in age, frm, 15 to 19.

According to police., Ten of our babies shot downtown and a young life lost.

It's every parent's worst nightmare, tenfold.

And another shooting this weeke, this one at a music festival in Washington state.

We now had can confirm that there been two people kill.


There are three injured, which includes the shooter.

According to the Gun Violence Archive, which categorizes mass shootings as those were, at least four people have been .

There have been 310 so far, this year.

Christian Benavides, CBS News.

And after the break, dads acrose country, are celebrating Father's Day.


Take you around the state to hear from some of them.



The threat for severe weather is not done.


I know it's been quiet for a good portion of the afternoons, but some parts of the state could still be dealing with some strong to severe storms.


Have the latest details on those just ahead.

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